Q: What sizes are your marquee letters and numbers?

A: We have 3ft letters, 4ft numbers and 18 inch table toppers and special characters. We will also work with you if you need custom 4ft letters.

Q: What are the marquees made of?

A: The marquees are made with 1/2 inch plywood.

Q: How much do the marquees cost to rent?

A: Each 3ft marquee is $50 and each 4ft marquee is $65

Q: Do you do anything other than marquees for parties?

A: Yes! We also rent photo backdrops, we have an 8ft wedding arch and we will also do balloon decor.

Q: How much are the balloon arches?

A: The balloon arches are priced by the foot at $18/ft.

Q: How much is the altar wedding arch?

A: Price starts at $300. A consultation is necessary for determining the full price.

Q: Do you deliver and what is your delivery cost?

A: Yes. We will deliver and pick up. If your party ends very late, depending on the situation, we may pick up the following day at a pre-determined time. We have a $50 delivery/pick up fee for a 25 mile radius from the business address. There is a $1/mile beyond 25 miles added to the cost of delivery. There is an option to pick up the marquees, if you wish to save on delivery.

Q: What area do you service?

A: We service the Dallas/Ft. Worth area